Antefix Consulting LLC: Contract Software Development
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Antefix Consulting LLC

Contract Software Development

Desktop / Mobile / Embedded / C# / C++

Welcome to Antefix, I'm Jeremy. I established Antefix in 2013. As a consultant, I've extended, refactored, and bug-fixed legacy apps, I've written automated tests and simplified build processes, and I've built test apps for hardware assembly lines. My previous work includes a digital music synthesizer, an in-car media player, a suite of hand-held order fulfillment tools, and many other embedded or desktop apps.

My clients are often engineering teams who need both technical help and high-level development guidance. Business analysis is a huge part of my job. Collecting requirements, learning about the business domain, negotiating solutions, and documenting the work in clear language — these are all necessary steps that other developers shirk.

Clients expect real expertise when they hire a consultant, so I spend many non-billable hours studying. No one developer can do everything, but I am serious about the skills I sell, and I'm up-front about what I can and can't do.

I live in the Des Moines area, but I work remotely, so Antefix is available almost anywhere. Contact me to learn how I can help your team.

'Rainy Windshield' photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

My Skills


Strong C# and C++

Some Java and JavaScript


Extensive Windows and Windows CE development

Some Linux and Android, including NDK and SDK

Development tools

Much Visual Studio and Git experience

Some Android Studio

UI development

WPF/XAML and Windows Forms

Custom controls and custom UI frameworks

Some Win32 API, MFC, and Qt

Development practices

Expert business analysis and UI design

Object-oriented design in multiple languages

Cross-platform development

Some automated testing

Other skills

Database design, SQL, and reports

Multithreaded development and socket programming

Real-time audio synthesis and DSP

2D graphics with OpenGL

Some HTML and CSS

Superior writing and speaking skills

About Me

I started programming when I was eleven, with a TI-99/4A and 16KB of RAM. I wrote very bad games.

Later I developed Paradox and dBASE apps at several crummy jobs. At home I used Turbo Pascal and a garage-sale Tandy 1000SX.

In my college years, I ran one of the earliest Linux distributions on a crazy-expensive ThinkPad 701c, mainly for the development tools.

I became a professional developer in 1998, working first in the Chicago area, and more recently, in Des Moines. Check out my résumé if you have trouble sleeping.

When I'm not working on Antefix, I study physics and history. I also create games and music software, among other things.